image above - can be MAGNIFIED

 image can be MAGNIFIED ! 

 image can be MAGNIFIED ! 

image above - can be MAGNIFIED !

- just click and MOVE AROUND !

 image image can be MAGNIFIED ! 


this one is particulary FUN -

especially once you have all the edge pieces in 

 image can be MAGNIFIED ! 

 image can be MAGNIFIED ! 

 image can be MAGNIFIED ! 

 a LOT of stunned people in the

 audience - amazed at her shape - and so keen to capture her on their cameras ! 

МНОГО ошеломленных людей в аудитория - поражены ее формы - и так стремятся захватить ее на своих камер

 image can be MAGNIFIED ! 

 image can be MAGNIFIED ! 

the wix url is actually
impossible to remember :)

find this site by ...

just search "valeriahumandoll" 

STOPPING google putting spaces in !

 image can be MAGNIFIED ! 

such BIG EYES !!

site very easy to find .........
just type
valeria lukyanova wix
into google !
or even easier
go to Ltress and hit the link !

image can be MAGNIFIED !

jigsaw to do - only 35 pieces
but quite hard because so much leg and so many heels!

but GREAT fUN towards the end

valeria lukyanova - jigsaw
heres the link to do it

oh and here's another one ! 
(bit easier?)

and you will LOVE where the music comes from ....

her already very tiny waist.
tightly, tightly belted - beautiful !

 image can be MAGNIFIED ! 

beautiful pose ! 0h, and the image can be MAGNIFIED !

 the beauty of a TINY WAIST ! 

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